WTF: Tim Tebow To Sign With Eagles Monday

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A month after working out for the Eagles Tim Tebow is expected to join the Eagles. The twenty-seven-year-old is expected to sign a one-year contract that will make him the fifth quarterback on the roster.
He will be joining old friend Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, Matt Barkley and G.J. Kinne. The official offseason program begins on Monday so Tebow is joining just in time.

It was believed that the month delay between his workout and his signing was due to an attempt to trade Barkley. It was also another month to be reassured Tebow can play.

This move is a clear indication that Chip Kelly is still on the No- F*cks given rampage. He dumps McCoy, Jackson trades for an injury maligned Bradford and brings Tebow on as a QB.
[Insert WTF face here]

Tebow has been working overtime with his QB coach Tom House. It has been reported that House has helped Tebow improve his throwing motion. However, it must be noted that Tebow hasn’t played a regular season NFL game since 2012.
Tebow had his chance with the Pats in 2013 but was cut.

It is hard to say if this impending signing with the Eagles is going to match its media hype. There’s a small chance he will not even make the 53 man roster, never mind have any significant role for the team. Many thought that when Belichick couldn’t figure out how to use Tebow then no one could. Chip Kelly is clearly tapped into a different thought process than anyone else in the league. So maybe he’s crazy enough to use Tebow in an effective way?

At the very least, there’s no harm in bringing him on in the offseason.
You know, other than the entire sports world thinking Kelly has lost his mind.

PS He’s back again for the last time.. right?

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