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Where will DeSean Jackson Go?

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After much back and forth, DeSean Jackson was released this past week by the Eagles. I am fairly certain it wasn’t because they wanted to lose his talent; they just didn’t want a Aaron Hernandez on their hands. DeSean was tied to the Los Angeles Crips gang shortly before his release- and well you have to take that shit seriously. It was also rumoured that he did not get along with the Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. Chip had just returned from the annual meeting in Orlando so he must have tested the market. Coupled with his possible off-field issues and his salary, he must have appeared to have been difficult to trade.
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Diva and gang ties rumours aside, he is a hell of a player. He’s a three-time Pro Bowler and he’s coming off of the biggest season of his career. There’s a hunger for him the in league and right now it appears to be any man’s game.
So where will DeSean Jackson go now?

Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Reid can vouch for him. He knows him and trusts him. The Chiefs  don’t have a lot of space, but that hasn’t stopped most teams. Making him a replacement for Donnie Avery would be a huge upgrade. There has been a report that Andy isn’t interested; but who knows, the Eagles were also reported to not be releasing DeSean in the first place.
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Jackson’s fast, and that would be a nice addition for the 49ers alongside Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree. The issue is that he’d have to take a pay cut. Considering that Jackson thinks of himself as one of the top receivers in the league-taking a cut isn’t likely.

The New York Jets
Woody wants him. When the owner of the Jets had mentioned the teams interest before D-Jack had been released. They have space, they have need, and they have familiarity with Warwick. The Jets are due for a big signing.
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Rexy agrees.
The Raiders would be a good landing spot for Jackson. Not because he would go there and have a record season. He would go out there to sip a mojito with MJD. He’d be a sipping a mojito because he will be rolling in the money. The Raiders are the best place for Jackson to cash in. If you’re a Raiders fan and want him better keep that hashtag trending #DJaxtoOakland.
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-see he already likes the Raiders!
Pete Carrol wanted him for USC. They don’t have a ton of room-but as mentioned, someone, somehow would find some overhead. Richard Sherman has already backed D-Jackson on Twitter-so you know, Bros.  He was also a college teammate of current Seahawks stars Marshawn Lynch and Brandon Mebane at Cal in 2005 and 2006. He would be a great vertical threat for the ‘Hawks, which they need after losing Golden Tate and Sidney Rice. It will come down to money though. If Sherman really wants to be his bro, maybe he will take a team friendly deal so D-Jack can be a Seahawk.
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Bros since Little League.
The Panthers need a receiver. They need a receiver like a man stranded in the desert needs a glass of water. Several news sources, such as ProFootballtalk, have said that Riverboat Ron and Co. aren’t interested-but need might outweigh want.
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The number one spot for him right now is most likely the Redskins. He has a meeting with the team on Monday. Jay Gruden would love to have Jackson. He would be great alongside Pierre Garcon and really open up the threat zone for RG3. He could also add to the special team’s as a punt returner.
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Where do you think he’ll go?
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