Who’s the Bigger Dumpster Fire? Buffalo Bills or New York Jets

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If you have Sirius or like listening to some ladies talk about sports than you already know I asked this question on the BDB radio show. However, it is such a fun topic to discuss I thought why not bring it you in written form. (which I might add is particularly charitable of me considering those that are hearing impaired who may want to know.)

Anyways, Buffalo Bill or New York Jets- Who’s the bigger dumpster fire?

Let’s take a look at both teams.

The Buffalo Bills are eternally cursed. It does not seem to matter how well they played for the majority of the game, their draft pick, or their free agent signings-they will suck; eternally. I swear they could draft Tom Brady and they would still find a way to be last place in their division. The newest update is that after losing Fizty to incompetency they drafted and signed to choices that had to be better at the quarterback role. First, there was Kolb, who may not be everyone’s favourite but has to throw less interceptions than the Amish rifle. Secondly, was E.J. Manual who looked promising in college and calm and collected through the preseason time he managed to squeak in. Then there was Kolb getting a knee to the back of the head and his career possibly being over. Then there was Manual and his minor knee surgery. So, now the starting quarterback is the first young man to start undrafted in the modern era; Mr Jeff Tuel, pronounced Tool. IT’S TOOL TIME BABY. There’s also Leinart who was picked up from a beach somewhere to “prove himself” in Buffalo. Mario Williams is a waste of space and suffers from various injuries that no one wants to discuss (ie too much money from Buddy Nix). The saving grace of this team is that C.J. Spiller is fucking stunning- at football, not aesthetically.

The New York Jets. Well, no one thought they’d top the butt fumble. It seemed that picking up Tebow and having a quarterback that ran into the ass of his own man was as low as it could go. Or the foot fetish lap band promoting coach. However, it got worse. Despite Mark Sanchez’s attempts to regain popularity by growing a glorious fu man chu mustache he is still awful, and injured. The fans put a lot of hope into Geno Smith who was whining before he even became an official player of the league. Then Geno combusted on the field. It was glorious in a sad three interception kind of way. Rex Ryan sees it fit to put in his only other functioning QB who is then injured. So. The Jets decide that they do have Greg McElroy. Except the Jets are like the gift that keeps giving and McElroy suffers an aggravated knee sprain and they are left with Matt Sims. Huzzah! Powell and Ivory their running backs are tied for last place in the league for per carry with 3 yards. Santonio Holmes is hurt. Revis, Scott and Ellis are gone. Rex Ryan is a buffoon and Idzik is missing more crayons from his box than Vince Young.

In closing, I choose the Jets. Mostly because the Jets shot themselves in the foot (feet? Leg? Legs?) while Buffalo is cursed by the legacy of Buddy Nix and maybe old native american ground or something.

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