Wes Welker Visited the Dolphins Today

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March is free agency month.
We all know this.
When a free agent doesn’t eek out a single _insert Sports network name here_ mobile update something isn’t right. That player isn’t drawing any interest.
That is exactly what happened with free agent Wes Welker.

His day came today when he visited the Miami Dolphins.
On the upside the Dolphins know a thing or two about Welker. After spending his rookie year with the Chargers Miami picked him up. He had a successful year with them that established him as a slot receiver before they traded him to New England. Where you know, he went on to establish Hall of Fame like numbers.

Welker won’t be a big draw for Miami. He is turning 34 and riddled with injuries and concussions. You can see it in his eyes that he isn’t the young man that he used to be. Last season he started only eight games. The whole PED use moment didn’t do him any favours either. (who else forgot about the molly episode at the Kentucky Derby??)

However, he could service as a decent third-down receiver. Not to say that Miami is going to sign him- but it would be nice for him to end up where he started. He could easily mentor the legion of young receivers that Miami has compiled for the coming season.


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