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Welcome to Reality Buffalo Bills Fans

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Not to be a jerk.
I mean you are a Buffalo fan you’ve felt pain.
You’ve kept loyal through interceptions, crushing losses and fans falling from upper tiers at Ralph Wilson. I don’t *want* to burst your bubble of hope for the 2015..but dammit I have to.

I’ve heard a lot of this is the year Buffalo goes all the way.
This is when Buffalo becomes a respected team.
This it the season that Buffalo hits back!

And honestly, I can see why you’d think that. Rex Ryan inked on that new Bills tattoo and things looked brighter. This man is committed! He knows a thing or two! He didn’t just crash or burn in New York.
There has been a very exciting free agency so far for Buffalo. They blew the lid off of it with the signing of LeSean McCoy. Then they signed Percy Harvin, Charles Clay, Richard Icognito, Matt Cassel and Tyrod Taylor.

This morning Rex Ryan remarked that the Bills “will run the ball 50 times if they have to.” See this is where things come back down to earth. The Bills may have had a smash up free agency period but they’re still missing one very important thing- a star quarterback.

Matt Cassel came from a lacklustre performance in Minnesota to repeat it in Buffalo. Cassel hasn’t carried a full load since 2010. EJ Manuel hasn’t had anyone put trust in him since he came fresh off the draft in 2013. Tyrod Taylor is largely untested. He’s been backing up Joe Flacco in Baltimore. The Bills signed him to a three year and Rex has revealed he has wanted him for a long time as his QB- but untested.

You can add as much depth as you want in the running back position but if you don’t trust the man with the arm you’re sunk. The new shiny weapons in the field become meaningless. The next thing you know it’s October and you’re shot gunning a tall can to dampen all those feelings of hope you had.

Not just yet Buffalo.

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