The Weird and Zany of the NFL Right Now

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That’s right, I used zany in a title.

As per usual some weird things went down in the NFL this week.

I like to gather them all together and present them here so we can all gasp in awe over the oddness.



If You’re Old and Do Something Amazing You’re Probably on Steroids


On the weekend the Colt’s Adam Vinatieri set a team record for popping a 53-yard field goal through the uprights during the Bengals game. It was a beautiful kick that drilled through the top 3/4 of the posts showing just how strong Vinatieri is. He’s been in the NFL now for a total of 19 seasons, so the NFL was immediately suspicious. Within the day a neat little note stating that he was “randomly selected by the NFL drug testing program’s Medical Advisor to complete a urine doping test.” C’mon, haven’t they ever seen Taken? There’s a strength in forty-year-old men.


This exists:
I mean he’s cute.. but..


Nobody Wants to be in Charge of the Jets

The Jets are trying this whole rebuilding thing. They need to hire a new GM and Head Coach. There’s been a lot of inquiries on their part for some relevant bodies to fill these roles. Turns out, nobody wants to work for the crappy Jets. It’s been reported that at least four current NFL relevant people have declined even an interview. Ryan Pace, Chris Ballard, GM Eric DeCosta and Vikings assistant GM George Paton all gave a firm No Thanks. I take this back, this isn’t weird, well unless you put the fact that people still work for the Bucs, Raiders and Jags..


The Rams Owner Does What He Wants

Billionaire Stan Kroenke plans to use purchased land in Inglewood (a city in Los Angeles County) in conjunction with Stockbridge Capital Group. The combined land will be home to the St Louis Rams come hell or high water according to Kroenke. This could push the city of St Louis to try and do something about the hundreds of millions of dollars they are fighting over in stadium upgrades. The NFL has noted that there are no team relocations approved for the 2015 season and that any approval would need to follow due process. Not sure, but pretty sure fighting the entire NFL corporation is a bad idea..

Oh, and this:
Who catches a ball with their thighs!?



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