Week 3: NFL Quarterback Injuries

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It’s Week 3 and things are already crazy.
Maybe I say this every year- but seriously, have you seen the injury report from Week 2? It’s a mess. One of the hardest hit positions is (arguably) the quarterback position.
Here are all the quarterback injuries and what the heck the teams are going to do without them.


Tony Romo
Romo hit the deck on Sunday and the ‘Boys still managed to win over the Eagles. Turns out that Romo has fractured his clavicle. This is the second time he has injured his clavicle, and the last time it kept him out for 8 weeks. Don’t worry though Cowboys fans Brandon Weeden is your back-up. This is so unimportant I am not even going to fact check the spelling of his last name. Weeden (maybe spelled right, maybe not), was praised by Jerry Jones (see insane old man) as a gifted passer. Immediately after this announcement the Cowboys signed Matt Cassel from the Bills. Because its Brandon Weeden.

Geno Smith
He’s been hurt for awhile with the broken jaw. However, it has now been announced that Fitzmagic will remain the starter. The Amish Rifle lives another day to disappoint. Seriously, he’s turning into more of a village bicycle to the NFL than Flynn.

Drew Brees
The embarrassment that was the Saints losing to the Bucs also saw them lose their QB. Brees has damaged his rotator cuff after taking a hit to the shoulder in the second half. He will most likely miss a few weeks while the damage is assessed. Back-up Luke McCown will take the helm as Garret Grayson isn’t ready yet. McCown hasn’t much help to start with as the offense in New Orleans has looked sad sack.

Jay Cutler
The Chicago Bears will be without Cutler for a few weeks as he recovers from a hamstring injury. He tried to dive and make a tackle in the Bears loss to the Cardinals to stop his own interception…. This puts Jimmy Clausen at QB, who I swear is a struggling actor and not a back up quarterback, but whatever.

It will be another interesting season of the rotating back-ups.
Which team do you think will suffer the least from their missing QB?

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