Von Miller Will Not Play Under the Franchise Tag

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Von Miller has said that he refuses to accept the franchise tag that the Broncos placed on him. He has already rejected a six year $104 million offer from the Broncos. He broke the news on his Instagram… because social media? What happened to things getting leaked by Adam Schefter?

Anyways, Miller released a post of himself on Instagram with the words: “I love my Teammates, Coaches, and My Fans’ but there is ‘No Chance’ I play the 2016 season under the Franchise tag.”
He released this the day after being on Chelsea Handler’s show (Why? What? How?) and saying he would definitely not be sitting out the season.

The post makes it seems as if the Broncos are no closer to getting Miller locked into a deal. Reportedly, it was the length or the $104 million that he had the problem with, but the guaranteed money. If this is true than getting a deal worked out during training camp rather than a Logan Mankins sit out seems more likely. The Broncos need him and ultimately, he’s getting paid.

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