Buffalo Sabres v Boston Bruins - Game Six

Vancouver Hockey Fans are Nuts

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I was going to write about the CFL expansion draft. Then I remembered that a lot of people in my network are American, and therefore have no idea what the CFL even is. So, in attempt to talk about something slightly more relevant to an American audience; let’s talk hockey. ha.
Anyways, after the Bruins were thumped by the Vancouver Canucks on the weekend, there was a little altercation off the ice that shows that Van. hockey fans are nuts.

A lot of you have probably already seen the video. A badly filmed (vertical?! really!?) video of Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins walking outside of an establishment as a man seems to be trying to fight him. There’s a lot of swearing, no punches thrown, and the police broke things up pretty quickly.

What actually happened was that Milan had been out in Granville (downtown Vancouver), and went to get an after drinking meal. For those of you who are American, the go to for a drunk Canadian is poutine. He was heading down to Mean Poutine to get his special. In case you’re wondering, it’s poutine with everything in it. A man sucker punched him in the establishment and then punched him a second time as he stepped outside. Milan asks him if he knows who he’s fucking with, but restrains himself from one punching the idiot.

Now, I know that Milan isn’t an angel, but does the city that he was once championed in when he was with the Vancouver Giants really need to react like this? Yeah, the Bruins beat the Canucks in 2011 in Game 7-but didn’t they get that hatred out when they vandalized Lucic’s family’s church and dumped popcorn on his grandparents?

Milan’s reaction to the attack showed that he too is sick of being treated with such hatred.
“Other than being at Rogers Arena no one will ever see me in downtown Vancouver ever again,” “I have no reason left to defend my city and the people in my city. I’m disgusted and outraged.”

And it wasn’t even Milan that pretended to lift the cup and kiss his championship ring Saturday after he scored.

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