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Tyrod Taylor is Buffalo’s Starting Quarterback

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Well Buffalo, here we are again. The great quarterback scramble that this team seems to always be in. There’s generally some sort of ‘competition’ for the starting position that can’t really be classified as entertaining. This offseason the competition was between Tyrod Taylor, EJ Manuel, and Matt Cassel. Good Ol’ Rexy announced today that the new starter (for now) is Tyrod Taylor.
Did Rex do the right thing?
When looking at the field of options here things seem to be a toss up between Manuel and Taylor.
Cassel, while having shown flashes of greatness, is too inconsistent. He was made league famous for his saving grace in New England and leading the Chiefs playoffs. However, for an 11 year veteran the guy gets in trouble way too much. In his last 30 days he completed 30 TDs and 34 interceptions. Nuff Said.

Manuel on the other hand was a first rounder in the 2013 draft. ON paper he looks really good. However, after getting his knee smashed up and various other maladies we still don’t know who this kid is. He doesn’t appear to be destined for greatness when he has only accomplished 16 TDs and 15 interceptions.

Taylor on the other hand is a past crush of Rexy’s. He’s your runner/passer quarterback of the Wilson variety. He completed 24 of 31 passes for 236 yards in the preseason. However, he has also been in the league for four seasons and has only attempted 35 passes.

Here’s the weird factor of this. Taylor hasn’t started a game since 2011 when he played for Virginia Tech. They lost 40-12 to Stanford who was then captained by Luck. The Bills season opener will is against the Colts. *gasp*

Anyways, looking at the choices and the way that these guys performed it was a toss of a coin whether Manuel or Taylor started. Considering that Taylor hasn’t had the chance to start in the NFL yet and presents a different, Seahawk, way of doing things for the Bills. Especially when you look at the Bills D and the Seahawks D.

One big difference here though: No Marshawn Lynch.

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