Trent Richardson and Why No One Should Care.

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You know what’s funny?

An article I just read that was pondering the existence of Trent Richardson. It may be crazy, but I have never wondered where Trent Richardson is-not this entire season. The former No.3 overall has been the most unimpressive player. He is so utterly useless that I can’t believe an article about his lowly drop to the punting squad made the top slider on this site.


Who didn’t see this was coming?!

This was like watching a slow mo movie of a building collapsing.

This was always going to happen.

That first fumble. That first month. The “he might turn around” talk dropped off after season 1 with the Colts. My own father attempted to tell me that maybe this will be the offseason that Trent Richardson turns around.

Let’s recap his stats for the 2014 season so far. He has averaged 3.3 yards per carry and recorded a total of 3 touchdowns.
Over his entire time with the Colts he has 977 yards in 32 games. He had 6 touchdowns and averaged 3.1 yards per carry. His best season was his first- pre-Colts.


When T-Rich shows up on Sunday and he doesn’t play a single snap as a running back I will shout FINALLY and not wonder why this happened for even a second.

Good riddance Trent Richardson.
May the Colts head office throw you into the parking lot and let the fans show you how they feel.

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