tracking mark sanchez

Tracking Mark Sanchez

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Free agency is still throwing curve balls left and right.
Much to the delight of NFL addicts such as myself.

The Jets released Mr. Sanchez last week and the rumors started immediately.
Let’s take a look a who wants him and how much success he can be predicted to have.
First off, Mark Sanchez was released on Friday by the New York Jets for failing his physical exam. Sanchez sat out of the regular season after suffering a shoulder industry. The reason for waiving him is more of  formality-he’s still healing. He’s apparently on track for recovering and at 80%. However, any team would want a medical exam completed. Prior to the injury Sanchez’s success on the field had begun to plummet. He had a total of 52 turnovers in the last 2 seasons.
There is a bit of a feeding frenzy going on over Sanchez. Jeff Fisher from the Rams is interested. The Browns, the Titans, the Bills have apparently all expressed interest. It’s also being reported that the Giants are interested- the freaking Giants! New York media would vomit in excitement and most likely disgust. Sanchez as a back-up for Eli Manning. Even I felt a tingle of disbelief and disgusted excitement. The front runner at this moment however, is the Philadelphia Eagles. This in itself is weird. It’s like you’re dating someone new and your last ex starts dating your new lover’s ex. Some weird not quite but almost incestual relations.
Incest aside, the Eagles might actually be a great fit for Mark. Chip Kelly has shown that he has an offensive schema that will work. Nick Foles blew up under his leadership -so surely Marky has a chance. He runs a fast break and Mark has actually performed much better when the Jets were running this offense. Not to mention that the Eagles have a better supporting cast offensively than the Jets do. The latest rumor is that DeSean Jackson is now staying-which adds more value to the Eagles’ O. Mark may have deteriorated in performance with the Jets but he cant take all the blame. The Eagles could be a chance for rebirth for the 5th round pick. Certainly, New York has been a rough place for him the last few years. The butt fumble, Tebowmania and then the Genocoaster. Being a back-up in Philly most look pretty good.
Who I really feel for is Rex Ryan. He must be feeling a confusing mixture of emotions. This was his quarterback. He believed in Mark so much he even got that tattoo-remember? His wife in a Sanchez jersey. Looks like he better book that laser tattoo removal appointment.
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