Top 5 Things That Happened at Super Bowl XLIX Media Day

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1. Marshawn Lynch

Might as well start off with this one.
The much anticipated moment of Marshawn Lynch at media day happened.
As per tradition Lynch showed up and said one phrase for the entire mandated five minutes.
‘I’m here so I don’t get fined.”
Considering that the NFL said they would fine him $500k if he skipped it I can see why he showed.
(Sidenote: Why yes, that is a ridiculous fine).


2. Bill Belichick Sort of Smiled

Anddd not because of the whole ball debacle.
He smiled because one reporter decided to veer off topic and ask him what kind of stuffed animals he likes. Belichick smiled a teensy bit and said:
“Um, I like a little puppet,”
“You can kind of put your fingers in. It’s a little monkey and then he can talk and move his fingers and nod his head, so he can kind of talk back to you.”

You can decide whether you think this is creepy or not.
For years I’ve been saying he’s the Victor Frankenstein to the monster that’s Brady on the field.

By the way, that reporter was the Pat’s Jerod Mayo’s daughter.


3. All Things Gronk


It’s not surprising that Gronk was one of the main attractions on media day. Last time he appeared at one he was asked to marry someone. This time around he sang a little Katy Perry to win an XBox (what?). But the best moment was when he read aloud from A Gronking to Remember, which is of course the famous erotica book featuring Gronk. Gronk spiking a football between your butt cheeks was sometihing that came up.


4. Tom Brady’s Face


I mean look at it, the dude doesn’t feel well.
He didn’t saying anything too interesting but he DOES have a cold.

Dun dun dun.
Brady said his wife and kids got him sick and he carried it with him to Arizona.

However, he promises to be better by Sunday.


5. Richard Sherman

Despite Sherman being known for his little freakout post game with Erin Andrews he is a very articulate young man. He didn’t disappoint at Media Day. He manages to answer every question without ever seeming like a jerk. He used his soapbox at media day to ask a few Goodell heavy questions. When discussing Lynch and his desire to not do pressers Sherman had a perfect answer.
“Obviously if someone is uncomfortable in front of the media and uncomfortable answering questions and things like that, then you have to find a way to accommodate the NFL,” Sherman said. “This is a game — you find a way to accommodate everyone else who’s uncomfortable.”

When he brought up deflategate he speculated that the commissioner may be a little too close to close to Robert Kraft to levy an appropriate fine. He told reporters that Kraft was allegedly with Goodell to watch the NFC Championship game and that there is a “conflict of interest.”
Sherman wasn’t all serious-ness though. He danced with one reporter and also sang along with another.
Media Day is still a circus. From the naked guy wearing a barrel, to the constant controversy there will always be something to talk about.


What was your favourite moment of Super Bowl XLIX Media Day?



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