Top 3 Useless NFL Stories of the Day

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1. Chad Johnson Got a Job
On Monday Johnson tweeted that he wanted to call the Browns to see if they needed some help. On Tuesday he got a job helping the Brown’s receivers. Its temporary but he will be there for training camp. The Browns can use any help they can get.. cause you know. the Browns. And their 4 rookie WRs. As for Chad, Man’s gotta eat. Wasn’t he selling cars last year?

2. Julian Edelman is Off-Brand Brady
Edelman copies Brady. There was the jersey incident (he posted a pic of him in a custom jersey to help recruit Durant to Boston after Brady), their ‘branding’ (Brady is TB12 and Edelman is JEII) and Edelman’s own admission he used to pretend to be Brady at recess (that’s freaking weird and wow, way to Old Brady). Former teammate Wes Welker was on a radio show and when asked about his old teammates relationship Welker said “I think it’s like going and getting Advil, and then there’s like the Walgreen’s prescription next to it.” In other news, Edelman tweeted a photo of himself cropped into a photo of Brady and Justin Timberlake at UFC 200. Cause weird.

3. Aaron Rogers Has No Family
Well, sort of. Last night I was in NYC and a friend invited me to watch the bachelor with her roommates. I was mostly confused the show exists but then something NFL related happened!! Jordan Rogers (Aaron’s lil Bro) told the bachelorette that he had a non-existent relationship with Aaron. He rarely spoke to him, Aaron most likely didn’t know he was even on the show, and most definitely wouldn’t be at the ‘homecoming’ for the bachelorette. Aaron sounds like a real asshole doesn’t he? After some digging it seems to have something to do with Aaron’s wife Olivia Munn and also that Jordan cheated on her friend. Who the real asshole is remains unconfirmed.

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