Tom Brady’s Cellphone Problems

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Let’s have an open conversation about Tom Brady’s suspension.
It’s no secret that I detest the Patriots and in particular Tom Brady. However, the I will do my best to keep that hatred in reserve.
Today Roger Goodell made his ruling on Tom Brady’s appeal on his 4 game suspension. The Commish decided that Brady will serve each and every one of those 4 games.

The sticking point was Tom Brady’s cellphone. When the investigation was first underway with Tom Wells Brady’s cellphone was requested. Coincidently, Brady had his assistant destroy it at the same time. Brady then neglected to tell anyone that said phone was with us no longer for four months. The cellphone was sort of important. You see, it included about 10,000 relevant texts-including a ton to equipment assistant John Jastremski- were gone.
Brady tried to float the excuse that he always has old cellphones destroyed when he gets a new one. However, a union rep dug up two older phones of Brady’s that were perfectly in tact.
Destroying cellphones as regular practice was almost as good deflator meaning weight loss.

Goodell, and well, America at large, are done with the flimsy excuses. It’s a brave new world in the NFL were sinners are uncovered and they pay for their mistakes.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how the NFLPA plays the new appeal. The case will go to an independent judge who will decide whether the suspension is fair. If the NFLPA acts quickly the decision could be made early in the season-it could even backfire and see him suspended in Week 10. The NFLPA could also slowplay this, get an injunction and have the Pats not worry about replacing Brady till 2016 season.

Either way, we are stuck hearing about these damn deflated balls for who knows how long.

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