Tiger Woods: Time to Change?

Tiger Woods: Time to Change?

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No one in golf grabs headlines like him and he’s at it again. There’s a very real possibility that he will miss the US Masters this year after pulling out of the Bay Hill Invitational. In my view he is the greatest golfer to have ever lived, he is of course Tiger Woods and like Gretzky, Pele and Jordan his name is synonymous with his sport. Few have changed their sport like Tiger has but if I was to go into this I would be covering old ground so I want to provide some food for thought.


Since Tiger Woods burst onto the global golf scene in 1997 he has never looked like the prototypic golfer. His athleticism is undeniable and was unusual in a sport that many, ill-informed non-golfers, call a game. This lead to a huge cultural change in golf and fitness became a huge part of the elite player’s regimen. The interesting thing for me though is that Tiger Woods’ shape is still fairly unique in golf despite this change. Tiger still looks far more muscular and powerful than almost all golfers. At the moment most golfers are tall and sleek. Tiger and Rory McIlroy are exceptions but few other match their mold.


What am I getting at here? Well Tiger is now 38 years-old. This is not old for a golfer but I think Tiger is still working out the way he was when he was in his twenties. His shape hasn’t changed so I can’t imagine his training has. Maybe he should spend less time in the weights room and more time keeping himself supple. Imagine Tiger Woods the yoga freak. That would certainly be an interesting change.


Tiger Woods is still absolutely unstoppable when he is on his game, that is not in question here. I just think that it’s maybe time for him to start considering career longevity. I’m not writing him off here at all, I still think if he wins one major he will eventually go on to break the record held by Jack Nicklaus. My point is that if he continues on his current trajectory he will be getting injuries more and more often. Maybe it’s karma or maybe Elin Nordegren has a voodoo doll of him but, whatever it is, his time on the injury list seems excessive.


Come on Eldrick, you’re getting on a bit, just reign it in a bit and get back to the Tiger that just gets it done.

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