Thursday Night Football: Chargers vs Broncos

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Of course there’s amazing TNF when I can’t watch it.I don’t have one of these fancy PVR things y’all talk about either-so I’m screwed. Anyways, the Denver Broncos are squaring off against the San Diego Chargers at home. For Denver they need the win to secure the division title and the top seed in the AFC. The Chargers, who sit at 6-7, need the win to compete for an AFC wild card spot. The Broncos are heavily favoured; they are the favourites by 10 points, but the for the Chargers, this is a “playoff scenario’ as Jarrett Johnson said- anything could happen.
Any given.. Thursday..
Here’s what to watch out for:
The Broncos are favoured for a reason; they haven’t lost at home since last season.  They are the number one team when it comes to points per drive. Peyton Manning is a hard man to stop. However, the team will be without Wes Welker, as he suffered a concussion in Week 14 and hasn’t been cleared to play. While this is a huge loss, Peyton still has plenty of other targets. The Broncos are actually the only team to have 4 players who have racked up 10 or more touchdowns in a season. The Broncos led by Peyton are also 3-0 when facing San Diego. But, the Chargers lost by only 8 points in their last meeting, so there is a chance.
The Chargers need this and desperation will be on their side. The defense has improved in these past few weeks allowing, fewer touchdowns and showing improved communication. They also pressured the Giants into turning the ball over 3 times last week. While you could write this off as “The Giants,” the defense did look as if it had improved. The defense needs to make sure their communication is on point, as they are going to face many no huddle plays. Manning is going to be a tough man for them to slow down, all the same so the offense also needs to step it the fuck up. We all know they still rank last in DVOA, that and the accumulation of busted coverage incidents and lack of pass rush-it doesn’t disappear over night. The Chargers settled for field goals in their last meeting, so they need to get some touchdowns on the board. They have to try and keep up with what will surely be a high score. The weird thing about the Chargers is that Phillip Rivers can still throw up a huge score.  Ryan Matthews, the Chargers RB, has become more important to the team in the red zone and will need to continue that trend tonight. The Chargers also have to deal with being on the road, having to play in freezing cold Denver with the altitude difference.
What I’m trying to say here is that the Chargers are screwed. I know anything can happen, but this does not seem to be the way this match up is looking. The Chargers were impressive last week against Little Manning and his cohorts of inadequacy, but that doesn’t mean they can take on Big Peyton. There are too many things against them. Everyone’s picking the damn Broncos, so you probably should too. That, and they will probably cover.  I smell a 50 burger with cheese.
Oh, and Peyton Manning is so on his game he just wears his helmet at the pool. THAT’S dedication.

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