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    NCAA Football Mimicking No Fun League

    Feb 14, 14 • 6459 Views • Featured Blogs, NCAANo Comments

    The NFL will always rule the football watching world. It has the TV deals, the marketing, the rich players who live celebrity lifestyles that we all love to get into, especially here in America, where celebrity status is more important than anything else (do...

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    Keep your Mashed Potato America!

    Oct 9, 13 • 7864 Views • Fairway Chatter, Featured BlogsNo Comments

    In 2012 Colin Mongomerie ruffled some of Sam the American Bald Eagle’s feathers by saying that golf fans from the US were “not as knowledgeable” as their European counterparts. It certainly wasn’t the first, nor will it be the last, time that Monty...

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    Babes Dig Balls Episode 12

    Aug 22, 13 • 8935 Views • MSF VideoNo Comments

    Listen to the Babes Dig Balls Radio show, with Hayley Campbell and the girls from BDB Miranda Furtado & Hope  Laws. The show airs every Thursday at 10pm on channel 167 on Canada Talks Sirius XM. Listen HERE. The week the guests are: the legendary Marty...