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  • Eagl23-P

    Sam Bradford Has Options? Well..

    Apr 27, 16 • 876 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    Demand makes people do strange things, and the NFL over Bradford is one of them. Sam Bradford is a hot commodity right now in the NFL- he’s a quarterback that isn’t awful. He’s not great, but he’s not the worst. He knows it and is...

  • colin-kaepernick

    What’s Going on with Colin Kaepernick?

    Apr 5, 16 • 1473 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      Today the San Francisco 49ers started their offseason program and Colin Kaepernick was in attendance. This would leave you to think he’s staying put- but really he is just playing the waiting game. You see, Kaep has a guaranteed base salary of $11.9...

  • 12552994_940760272680268_9162848349514118530_n

    How the Hell is Roethlisberger Going to Play on Sunday?

    Jan 13, 16 • 1138 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    This morning Roethlisberger was on some sort of sports show and revealed just how messed up his shoulder is from Saturday’s game against the Bengals. Turns out that he has an ACL sprain his throwing shoulder as well as several torn ligaments.When asked...

  • rg3

    RG3 Cleans Out Locker

    Jan 12, 16 • 1387 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    Today RG3 cleaned out his locker today and effectively ended his career with the Washington Redskins. He will be cut in the coming days and he wasted no time in getting out of Washington. I mean, they won’t want to pay him the $16.2 million he’s...

  • Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.19.14 AM

    EJ Manuel Has Never Been the Answer

    Oct 25, 15 • 12273 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      It’s EJ Manuel Time. Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan declared Tyrod Taylor inactive for Week 7 as he had pain in his knee stepping into his throws in practice. This decision was much to the chagrin of Rex but head office is probably happy –...

  • EJ_Manuel_Surgery_Knee_Injury_Bills_Preseason_Game_Video

    EJ Manuel: the Bills Believe in Him

    Sep 25, 15 • 7000 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    The Cowboys picked up Matt Cassel this week in the wake of Romo being broken again. Funny, the Bills were just all confident that they needed their most veteran backup as their number one backup. He was released and then resigned at a cap friendly deal as Rex...

  • NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Training Camp

    Tyrod Taylor is Buffalo’s Starting Quarterback

    Sep 1, 15 • 10272 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      Well Buffalo, here we are again. The great quarterback scramble that this team seems to always be in. There’s generally some sort of ‘competition’ for the starting position that can’t really be classified as entertaining. This...

  • Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 10.38.55 AM

    Alex Smith: Red, White and Horrible

    Aug 22, 15 • 11122 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      The Kansas City Chiefs are going all the way! Just kidding. Seriously. The fact that they won last night means nothing. It’s preseason and its the goddamn Kansas City Chiefs. What I found most interesting last night was the fact that Alex Smith...

  • Matt Cassel

    Matt Cassel Unlikely to Make Buffalo Bills Roster

    Jun 21, 15 • 10052 Views • Fairway Chatter, NFLNo Comments

    The Buffalo Bills are a ship without a captain. After their “gotta catch em all” attitude in signing lacklustre quarterbacks they are right back to where they started- with EJ. Cassel was supposed to be the fill in while the ship was righted when...

  • tebow

    WTF: Tim Tebow To Sign With Eagles Monday

    Apr 20, 15 • 10572 Views • Featured Blogs, NHLNo Comments

      A month after working out for the Eagles Tim Tebow is expected to join the Eagles. The twenty-seven-year-old is expected to sign a one-year contract that will make him the fifth quarterback on the roster. He will be joining old friend Mark Sanchez, Sam...