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    Finally, a Ridiculous Offseason NFL Story

    Jul 13, 16 • 1712 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      I love this story with all my heart. So, Denard Robinson of the Jacksonville Jaguars was found asleep in a sinking car at 4:22am in Jacksonville. Authorities found Robinson’s Impala sinking into a retention pond. There was also a female passenger...

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    EJ Manuel Has Never Been the Answer

    Oct 25, 15 • 12276 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      It’s EJ Manuel Time. Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan declared Tyrod Taylor inactive for Week 7 as he had pain in his knee stepping into his throws in practice. This decision was much to the chagrin of Rex but head office is probably happy –...

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    NFL Post Week 6: Who’s the Saddest of the Sad Edition

    Oct 15, 14 • 9597 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    Ah, Week 6, we hardly knew you. Another week is past in the NFL and as per usual lots of shit happened. Maybe its the Tom Waits I’m listening to but I’m feeling like their was some sad ass shit that went down in the league. Some teams have more of...

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    NFL Roundup

    Jun 26, 14 • 9946 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      Ah, the off season. We’re creeping deeper and deeper into the summer and the rumor level is high, while the actual NFL news count is low. I’ve got the best of the best for you in regards to everything NFL related. I know, I’m a NFL addict...

  • 3rd &10: Mark Sanchez On the Open Market

    3rd &10: Mark Sanchez On the Open Market

    Mar 11, 14 • 4843 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    Oh Marky. It looks like the Jets and Mark Sanchez are parting ways. After a couple of less than stellar years in NYC, the Jets look poised to dump him. Nothing is official yet, but the Jets would save $8.3 million dollars. Considering the current state of...

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    This is how bad the Jaguars are

    Oct 30, 13 • 7922 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      Well, the only bet you’ve got the Jags in at this point is that they own the 0 by the end of the season. The team is devoid of hope. They cannot win. The spreads have been ridiculous. Yet, things have gotten worse-somehow. As you know the Jags...