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  • nigerias-plateau-united-feeders-and-police-machine-win-79-0-67-0-respectively-1373488020-6291


    Jul 17, 13 • 12476 Views • Featured Blogs, FootyNo Comments

    In 2002, after being eliminated from title contention the game before on a disputed penalty kick, Stade Olympique de l’Emyrne (a team in Madagascar’s premier league) lost their next game 149-0… scoring every single goal against themselves as a form...

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    Brazilian Soccer Horror Story

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    In this world, perspective is everything. So when most people mutter on about how “they have the worst job in the world” or that they have had “the worst day EVER”, it has to be taken with a grain of salt. Because really, with all the shit that goes...

  • Tahiti Treat

    7 Notes on the Confederation Cup

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    Confederations Cup Update…What I’ve Seen So Far Tahiti’s soccer team is not very good. At all. Everybody’s favourite team at the tournament is Tahiti. And it should be. Tahiti is ranked 138th in the world and has a population so small that Jay-Z might...