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    How much is Ryan Fitzpatrick worth?

    Mar 16, 16 • 1162 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    The NFL is a strange, strange place. I mean you knew that already, but did I think I would be talking about how Fitzpatrick is worth premium QB money in the year 2016? No, no one foresaw this. What with the issue of trying to find a dependable quarterback to...

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    Buffalo Bill’s Fans are the Most Responsible Drinkers

    Feb 12, 16 • 1542 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    What are things you never thought you’d hear? It must come as a surprise that Bills Mafia was named the winner of the Bud Light Good Sport Program Responsibility Bowl. The winner has to gain the most support for their designated driver program...

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    Super Bowl 50 – Panthers vs Broncos: Reality and Hope

    Feb 7, 16 • 1239 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    Panthers vs Broncos: Reality and Hope Listen, I’ve been a Peyton Manning fan my whole life. I loved the Colts as a little girl and therefore, I loved Peyton. Now that he is on his last legs, and most likely playing his last game, you can imagine how i...

  • Minnesota Vikings vs. Denver Broncos

    The Peyton Manning ‘Self Sack”

    Jan 19, 16 • 1474 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      If you watched the Broncos vs Steelers game on Sunday you may have noticed Peyton Manning’s ‘self sack.’ Basically, Peyton saw the rush coming and hit the ground rather than get hit by Steelers’ Will Allen. Peyton was untouched...

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    This is the 2017 Super Bowl Mascot

    Jan 15, 16 • 1235 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    First off, why the heck do we need a Super Bowl mascot for? Where have I been? Did we always have these hideous things? What was 2015′s? Was it the left shark from Katy Perry’s half time performance?Secondly, what the hell is this thing?  Its a...

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    Chip Kelly is the new Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers

    Jan 15, 16 • 1066 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    Well, that happened. After the crashing and burning of Chip Kelly’s 2015 season with the Philadelphia Eagles Chip will coach again. The 49ers fired Jim Tomsula after a single season. Tomsula was so thoroughly unexperienced and unprepared to be a head...

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    How the Hell is Roethlisberger Going to Play on Sunday?

    Jan 13, 16 • 1142 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    This morning Roethlisberger was on some sort of sports show and revealed just how messed up his shoulder is from Saturday’s game against the Bengals. Turns out that he has an ACL sprain his throwing shoulder as well as several torn ligaments.When asked...

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    RG3 Cleans Out Locker

    Jan 12, 16 • 1393 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    Today RG3 cleaned out his locker today and effectively ended his career with the Washington Redskins. He will be cut in the coming days and he wasted no time in getting out of Washington. I mean, they won’t want to pay him the $16.2 million he’s...

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    Rams to LA or Bust

    Jan 7, 16 • 1762 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    The Ram’s application to move from St Louis to LA came out today and it is just a tad aggressive. Both the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers want to move to LA as well and Rams are doing their best to beat them. The application contained three...

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    Manziel to the Cowboys?

    Jan 5, 16 • 1182 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      The Manziel saga continues. This past weekend Manziel was ruled out with a concussion and therefore didn’t have to report to the game. However, he did have an appointment at the Brown’s facility Sunday morning that he didn’t report...