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    Football and Brain Damage

    Nov 7, 13 • 6642 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    It’s a weird week in football. More things have emerged via bullying in the South (wait, what). But I’m not going there again. I think there’s a lot missing from that story. So, let’s talk brain damage!     First, we hear that...

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    6 Weird Things that happened this Weekend in the NFL

    Oct 28, 13 • 9540 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      1. Tom Brady’s hand. Have you seen this thing? It looks like he’s suffering an allergic reaction, the pretty is wearing off, or Giselle slammed his hand in the car door. Brady says he is NOT suffering an injury. So, maybe he’s just...

  • Denver Broncos v Indianapolis Colts

    The Return of Manning

    Oct 21, 13 • 1198 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      Well, the event that had been getting hyped all week finally happened: The return of Peyton Manning to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. There were not many who picked the Colts to throw the Broncos off the Super Bowl mantle. I will admit that even...

  • PM

    Peyton Manning the Ship

    Sep 11, 13 • 1189 Views • NFL, UncategorizedNo Comments

    After the rain clouds passed in Denver last Thursday night Peyton Manning and the Broncos took us on an adventure that we’re likely to see on numerous occasions throughout the remainder of the year. A team that has been a Super Bowl favourite since the...

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    The Tackle Box: What’s In Their Way, Week 2

    Aug 14, 13 • 32196 Views • Featured Blogs, Tackle BoxNo Comments

    This past weekend was Diana’s birthday, and besides her actual presents, which she seemed genuinely pleased with, I also reinstated her as the Tackle Box Director of Human Resources, about which she gave not even a fraction of a shit.  Amongst the eating,...