Super Bowl XLIX: Everything You Need To Know

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Well, the NFL season is officially over.
Super Bowl XLIX blew people’s minds.
It was one of the most exciting, nail biting, insane Super Bowls ever.
Especially after the stinker we were put through last year.
Here is every thing you need to know about Super Bowl XLIX.

The Call that Changed It All

The second half of the Super Bowl seemed like it was chugging along in the Seahawks favour. Then with a just over a minute left the Patriots were in the lead. Russell Wilson tossed completed a 33-yard pass to Jermaine Kearse- and by completed I mean Kearse is a God of Football Catching. The ball was bobbled out of his hands, to a Pats player and then back in his hands. The ball was on the 1 yard line.

The Seahawks had the game in the bag! People were shot-gunning beers in premature celebration. Pete Carroll the (possible soon to be former) head coach of the Seahawks didn’t do what America thought he would. The ball was not handed to Marshawn Lynch to beastmode it in for the win. It was thrown to a Malcolm Butler- the Patriots Malcolm Butler. This is how TVs and spirits are broken.

Watch Pete’s post game presser here.
K̶a̶t̶y̶ ̶P̶e̶r̶r̶y̶ Missy Elliott Blew Us Away

Katy Perry did ride in on a freaking lion, she did have dancing sharks and she flew off on some sort of jetpack star, but GOD DAMN MISSY ELLIOTT IS SO FREAKING GOOD. See, that’s the thing, Katy Perry had a lot of bells and whistles, but Missy Elliot was her superior self. Does anyone even remember Lenny K being there? No, of course not.

Katy was awkward side stage while Missy belted out her hits in a pit crew jumpsuit. Katy was lost beside Missy’s self assured cocky self through “Work It,” “Get Ur Freak On,” and “Lose Control.”
Oh Missy, we are so glad you’re back.

The Commercials Were Factories of Sadness This Year

If you’re a Canadian like me you missed out on Super Bowl commercials in real time. Instead you were subjected to crappy cuts of shows like The Flash. (Speaking of who the hell watches the Flash?). So, you watched the commercials on YouTube this morning and cried into your coffee. The Bud commercial about the lost puppy was a feel good cry. The woman who is calling 911 to ‘order a pizza’ because her husband beats her made your stomach turn. The real Kleenex box passer was the Nationwide insurance commercial about the little boy- watch it here.

I clicked on the Carls Jr commercial just to stop the sadsack emotions rolling over me. Damn people, the Super Bowl is supposed to be a good time.

The Cele’y you Didn’t See.

Marshawn was under fire for the crotch grab celebration and many wondered if he’d pull it out in the big game. Turns out his teammate Baldwin had his back. He pulled the ol’ pooping out a football celebration.

Tom Brady MVP, Super Bowl Champion, Possible Greatest QB

It kills me to type that title, but credit is due.
Tom Brady racked up some big ol’ stats last night.

Read the rest here.

Hayley Campbell
Director of Model Sports Fan

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