Super Bowl 50 – Panthers vs Broncos: Reality and Hope

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Panthers vs Broncos: Reality and Hope

Listen, I’ve been a Peyton Manning fan my whole life. I loved the Colts as a little girl and therefore, I loved Peyton. Now that he is on his last legs, and most likely playing his last game, you can imagine how i feel. I want the old man to win.
Is it even possible?

The spread is in favour of the Panthers. Last I checked it was somewhere around 5.5 in their favour. If you take a glance at NFL.com or other NFL focused sites, you will see the same thing. Panthers will win. They are a more complete team. Newton is unstoppable. One hit on Peyton and he may collapse into a gust of dust. The Bronco’s defense won’t be able to control Cam.

Well, what the heck would the Bronco’s need to do to win?

First off, let’s talk about Peyton.
He came back last game and looked alright.
He’s old, he’s hurt and he can’t huck a long ball like he used to.
Peyton does have more receivers to work with and he can occasionally throw a ball like an elite. Remember that beautiful throw to Emmanuel Sanders that would possibly have killed the game against the Pats? You know, the one that Sanders stopped?
That happens now and then. If Peyton is shot up with enough pain killers and Must Win mentality AND doesn’t turn the ball over – the Broncos could be fine. Sure, Kubiak is still committed to a run game offense that hasn’t worked. But look at the 12 games and 2 playoff wins that they racked up despite a footless, neckless Peyton?

Then there’s the Broncos Defense.
I mean, they’re awesome.
The issue is of course that Newton can run or throw.
This means that Von Miller can’t run into the pocket on every throw like he did Brady- because Cam may not be there. However, there are less receivers to cover. Olsen, Ted Ginn Jr need to be stopped and then just throw the kitchen sink at Newton. Denver is the best at stopping the run- 3.3 yards per run. The Panthers haven’t had a match up against a defense like this yet.

If Peyton’s two weeks of rest were both physically healing and mentally sharpening and he can just be good- not even great- then they stand a chance. Factor in the need for Demaryius Thomas to not be shut down. And Carolina to not hit Peyton so hard his dentures fall out..

Fine, the Panthers are probably going to win- but a girl can dream can’t she??


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