Spygate 2.0? Antonio Smith Thinks Something Was Fishy.

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The Texans were having a great game. It looked like the Texans would end their losing streak and show up one of the Super Bowl favourites. Except-the Patriots scored 27 points in the second half and the Texans D folded. Just folded.
So, Antonio Smith, the Texans defensive end,  did what any sore opponent would do when suffering a crushing 10th consecutive loss. He questioned how the Patriots, the team once convicted of cheating, had won.
“I’m very suspicious,” Smith said “I just think it will be a big coincidence if that just happened by chance. I don’t know for sure, but I just know it was something that we practiced this week.”
The Texans defense had added some new tricks to their bag in practice that week, and Smith thought it was miraculous that Belichick changed his offense to suit their play. It was fishy to him.
Pretty big allegation when you semi-accuse a team once caught cheating on cheating again.
He has since backpedaled, saying that he didn’t mean that he thought they cheated. He was just being witty! Why would the media take an accusation like that seriously! It must be because they’re the Patriots! 
“I’m sorry I said the word spying because of a prior engagement of them being caught spying,”
Fair enough Antonio, but now what? Will the league look into this; even in an off the record way? Crazier things have happened in the NFL and the ‘accusation’ was made public. Whether Smith takes back the accusation or not, the league has the resources and the Patriots have the history. Should the league investigate? 

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