Sports: Halloween Edition

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Yes, it’s not Halloween yet but, well, it almost is. I think when Halloween is in the middle of a week it automatically gets extended into like 5 days. I saw a guy on the subway yesterday wearing a batman costume. At least, I think that was for Halloween. I live in Toronto so, it’s hard to say.

Anyways, here’s my breakdown of the best/worst Halloween ensembles in sports.
1.Tom Brady and Gisele
I mean besides Brady being the cowardly lion and my automatic laughter at this, it is not a solid costume. Gisele could also have been something hotter/blonder. Grade: C


 2. Kyle Arrington
Speaking of the Patriots. This was what Kyle got up to this weekend. ALSO lacking originality.  However, points are salvageable based on Batman being freaking cool. I bet he doesn’t even need those fake abs.
Grade: B
3. Manu Ginobli
Yes, yes, and Yes. It is still a store bought costume and doesn’t necessarily require any creative brain cells.. but I don’t know.  I feel like he’s not taking himself to seriously and maybe I like Toy Story. Maybe I cried when I watched the last one. Shut up.
Grade: B+
4. Cam Newton
Oh Cam, you little angel. As a quarterback I find him untrustworthy, but damn he looks good in a dress.
A man in a dress is a tricky thing at Halloween, sometimes I feel like they’re just letting out some repressed urges (i’m looking at YOU roomie) but I don’t think Cam falls within that realm.
Grade: B+
5. Jay Cutler
Twinkies. So awesome. This wasn’t from this year, but I couldn’t leave it out.
I mean, once you commit to wearing a costume that will make you assault everyone and impeded you being able to pee you’re already an automatic B, at least. The fact that this is homemade and makes no damn sense raises that.
Congratulations Cutler, I hope you and your groin are well.
Grade: A
6. D Wade
No! D Wade! Why!? Listen, everyone KNOWS blackface is not cool. Even if Ryan Seacrest’s ex gf doesn’t (she obviously also didn’t know he likes dudes so..) painting your face the colour of another race is not okay! Ever!
Grade: F
7. Serge Ibaka
I don’t know what number this actually is, but 7 is the number I would prefer it to be. Serge went as Prince Akeem from Coming to America. Every detail was perfect.
Grade: A+
8. Shaun White
This was not this year either, but WIN.  Yes, another guy who is dressing up as a girl,  but this one is more on point than Cam’s.  The Ginger hair, the expression, well done.

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