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Good: You help your team qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Bad: After the match you get suspended.

Really Bad: Your suspension is 10 games, meaning that you will now miss playing in the World Cup you just helped to qualify for.

Personally, devastatingly bad: You’re 35, which means this was probably your last chance to play in a World Cup.

‘Wait, why?!?!?’ bad: pro nazi sing along…

The aristocrats.

Meet Josip Simunic. Hopefully not a father, professional soccer player, Croatian National team member…casual racial hatred spreader…new resume needer.

Simunic has been suspended 10 games by FIFA for his role in a post-match chant where he can be seen on video grabbing a mic and shouting, “For the homeland!” to fans, following Croatia’s victory over Iceland in the world cup play-ins.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “For the homeland!” does not seem like the most egregious of oral offenses (unless you really hate the combination of bad grammar and Claire Danes), but you would be wrong.

See, that was the war call used by the pro-nazi regime that ruled the Croatian state during WWII when thousands of Jews, Serbs, and others were sent to their death at concentration camps.

Probably not the best choice of words.

Simunic defended himself with some b.s. about everyone else needing to learn history, but, considering the fact that this was not the first time Croatia, and their fans, have been reprimanded for using this phrase, it would seem Simunic might have done better to follow his own advice before shooting off like the Luger he probably sleeps with under his pillow.

It took Croatia 10 games, spread out over nearly two years, to qualify, out of FIFA’s hardest confederation, for the holy grail of soccer.

It took Simunic 3 words to disqualify himself and mar his country. Heck, it would almost be impressive if it wasn’t so naziish.

And to think, if only Iceland had won…

None of this axis of evil shit would have gone down, PLUS we would have got to see the return of Wolf “The Dentist” Stansson…


(as I assume, and am fairly confident, that he coaches all of Iceland’s national teams).

Damn you Croatia.

I don’t think anyone wouldn’t have wanted to not see that…


-Andy Mac

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