This Shit is Ridiculous and Other Adventures in the NFL Week 1

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Football is back.
Ah, it feels good doesn’t it?

Well, week one didn’t disappoint- all the beauty of the game was present including upsets, penalties and horrible injuries.
Without further delay here the most ridiculous things to go down in the NFL Week 1.


Pacman Jones is Untouchable

Pacman isn’t exactly a gentleman on the field.

He has always had a temper and pulled some stupid shit that’s gotten him suspended.
This season he apparently hasn’t turned over a new leaf.

Pacman ripped off the Raiders WR Amari Cooper’s helmet and bashed the back of his head against it.

A fine for sure, a suspension while yeah. However it turns out that the NFL will not suspend Pacman for his head smashing behaviour.

The Giants Are So Bad at Life


If you watched that shit show of a game last night between the Giants and the Cowboys you had patience my friend.

There was a very sad moment of life for the Giants. There was an inexplicable moment where the Giants seemed to not have any idea what they were doing.
You see the Cowboys had a timeout remaining while the Giants thought they were out of timeouts. As they farted around the field telling Rashad Jennings not to score. As the Cowboys called their final timeout that the Giants were not aware of there was panic. The Giants could no longer run the clock down to 15 seconds by the fourth down. So, Manning was told to throw the ball. No one had thought that if that ball wasn’t caught that Eli should take the sack.. anyways you know what happened. If this was someone other than Coughlin than there may be some serious hell to pay.


Dez Bryant is Amped


Yesterday Dez Bryant broke a bone in his foot and will be out for 4-6 weeks.
This is a massive loss for the Cowboys and his fantasy owners alike.

Bryant however was still completely pumped up.
After the game he greeted his team in the tunnel in full veined out celebration mode.

I question his sanity:

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