Sam Bradford Has Options? Well..

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Demand makes people do strange things, and the NFL over Bradford is one of them. Sam Bradford is a hot commodity right now in the NFL- he’s a quarterback that isn’t awful. He’s not great, but he’s not the worst. He knows it and is making some pretty ballsy moves.
It started with Bradford requesting a trade. The Eagles traded around to get the No.2 draft pick to most likely go after quarterback Carson Wentz. Bradford felt snubbed that he had just signed an extension and now wants out. He has said he will stop showing up to OTAs.
Not only did Bradford demand to be traded, but now he is trying to say who he is traded to.The San Francisco 49ers sniffed around as they need a quarterback and mediocre Sam may be it. However, Bradford declined to be traded to them; saying that he does not want to be reunited with Chip Kelly.
Where does Bradford think he will go?
The Broncos made an inquiry but the asking price was too high. Meanwhile the Jets are not interested. It’s starting to sound a lot like Bradford staying in Philly. He wants to be a long term starter but he really hasn’t proven himself as such to other teams. The Eagles can keep him as a stopgap and let Carson learn the league rather than throwing him in the deep end. The Eagles already have sunk cost in him as his bonus has been released.
Bradford may not want to stay, but Draft Day is nearly upon us. If something doesn’t happen soon- it probably won’t at all.

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