Ryan McCabe

When you aren’t obsessing over sports stats or your fantasy line up, you are: Drinking,brewing and roasting coffee, playing guitar, reading comic books and binge viewing some HBO/ Netflix/FX show with my cat.

Favourite sport?
Football.    American style .

Favourite sports moment?
The Catch 1, The Catch 2 and The Catch 3. Even though I was only alive for The Catch 2 and 3 I still go back every January 10th and watch Joe Montana to Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone. Amazing!

Favourite athlete?
Jerry Rice Favourite teams? San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Indians

Do you like long walks on the beach?
Anytime I am next to an ocean is a perfect time.

Jordan or LeBron?
Jordan. Space Jam broke the tie.

Gretzky or Orr or Crosby?
Gretzky. Even Bernie Nicholls scored 150 points in a season when he played with Gretzky.

P.Manning or Brady?
Peyton Manning. Who wouldn’t want to be his offensive coordinator. Best job security ever.

Ruth or Mays?
Mays. One of the first photographs I ever saw was a print of the Willie Mays catch in the 1954 World Series. It was simply breathtaking.

You would sell your __ for Super bowl/World Cup/ Stanley Cup/ NBA Championship/ World Series. I would sell my services as their Butler for life. Cooking, cleaning, secretary services. Who wouldn’t want a personal Alfred for life. *Sorry for the Batman reference*

Why are you a Model Sports Fan? (as in devoted/crazy ass sports fan)
As corny as it sounds sports reminds me of my childhood and family. Anything I have ever known since I was a child will usually be connected to some sports moment or event. My parents were obsessed viewers of all things sports and I guess it influenced me. Genes are weird. There is also something amazing about watching the ebb and flow of a game and two teams battle through the peaks and valleys creating a plot narrative before your eyes. It is the ultimate story. Some games deserve Oscars.

P.S. Its also a pretty awesome 80’s album by Huey Lewis and the News.

Twitter: @underscorery

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