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Ryan Fitzpatrick is a Starter: The Best Damn News I Heard All Day

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I had to rewrite that title a few times. I understand that this could be misinterpreted as me being a sadistic girl- but it was still the best thing that I heard all day. You see, Geno Smith, roller coaster starting Jets QB had his jaw broken today. It wasn’t on the field and it wasn’t drunk behind a wheel. In a shocking turn of events Smith’s jaw was broken inside the locker room by his own teammate. Smith was in a small disagreement with second-year linebacker Ikemefuna “IK” Enemkpali. Turns out that IK was pissed at Smith over a $600 plane ticket. Ik bought the plane ticket for Smith to his football camp on July 11 at Pfugerville High School in Pfugerville, Texas. All it took was one sucker punch to shatter ol’ glass jaw Geno. IK was unfortunately immediately released by the Jets.

Now, in a hilarious turn of events, Smith is out for 6-10 weeks and the new starter is da da DA Ryan “the Amish rifle” Fitzpatrick.
I will never tire of writing about Fitzy. EVER. The absolutely insane thing here is that Fitzy is BETTER than Smith. This is his 6th team and he is known as being a Harvard Grad Interception Machine, but look at these stats from 2014:
Fitzpatrick: 12 games, 63.1 completion percentage, 2,483 yards, 17 touchdowns, eight interceptions and three fumbles.

Smith: 14 games, 59.7 completion percentage, 2,525, yards, 13 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and three fumbles.

True this is one year, but I dare say that Fitzy may be slightly better than Smith in the coming year. Perhaps, there would have been improvement from Smith or maybe they’d run the ball into oblivion again.
Either way, let’s take a moment to remember the greatness that is the Jets: Rex Ryan’s foot fetish, Brett Favre’s Dick Pics, Sanchez’s Butt Fumble and now Smith’s Glass Jaw.

Damn, I love this franchise almost as much as I love the Beard.


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