Running Back Mayhem in Philadelphia: Murray, Mathews AND Sproles?

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Chip Kelly is having a hell of an offseason. 
The Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was given free rein to go and sign who his little heart desired. Most did not think that would include the signing of two star free agent running backs- but, it did. 

What the heck is Kelly thinking?
First, it seemed that the Eagles would be signing Frank Gore. Several sources reported that the former 49ers RB was heading to Philly and the deal was done.
However, just before the official free agency gate opened Gore pulled out and signed with Indy.
The Eagles were rumoured to have wanted Ryan Mathews as well.
Negotiations for signing Mathews from the Chargers were underway when rumours that they wanted DeMarco Murray emerged. Both signing with the Eagles seemed far fetched- you know money and the existence of Sproles on the roster made a double signing seem unnecessary. Yet, before the ink was dry on Murray’s contract Mathews had signed up.
Chip Kelly loves to run the ball.
Murray and Mathews are both stellar RBs despite having issues with durability.
It is believed from a presser that Kelly gave that he plans to divy up the carries between the three evenly.
“I would hope DeMarco does not have to carry the ball 392 times this year. If he does, then we’re running it 692 times.”
Sproles also has other usage. He can catch the ball so throwing him in the backfield would make sense.
Considering that the Kelly’s quarterbacks are Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford this three headed running back monster may make sense. Sanchez has never been given a most accurate award and Bradford is coming off his second ACL injury. Clearly, Chip is going against the pass happy direction every other team in the league employs. 
But what about the money?
Chip this wasn’t a BOGO sale at Payless.
DeMarco Murray signed a five year $42 million contract with $21 million of that guaranteed. Ryan Mathews signed a $11.5 million contract with $5 million guaranteed. Sproles contract is $4.1 million cap hit for the 2015 year. This is a lot of money to spend on one position. This also makes the departure of LeSean McCoy suspicious. It was said to be because he was too much money- but at the moment the RBs are making pretty much the same amount.
 So, the Eagles are going to be handing off the ball a hell of a lot and they’re paying for it. What this says about McCoy is something that Buffalo will have to find out. 



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