Rob Ford, P*ssy and the Argos

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Sorry, I guess my headline didn’t leave much room for NSFW. Or kids.
How much do I need to sensor myself when the Mayor said it though?
Well today, the mayor of Toronto said some rather, unsavory ( I went there), things to the press this morning about the documents the police released yesterday. One of the documents said that Ford had told a former female staff member that he would .. perform oral sex on her. After addressing that he was not hanging out with prostitutes he launched into the truth on that comment.

“The woman “said I wanted to eat her p—y,
I’ve never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.”


Oh, he went there. You cannot say that word on national television.
Next, he decided to address the Toronto Argonauts upcoming playoff game with the Hamilton Ticats.

“The next thing, I want to call Mayor Brittania (sic) in Hamilton and tell him that we’re going to have to spank their little Tiger-Cats,” Ford said.

Because that was necessary. Never mind the fact that Ford is dealing with constant press attention, protesters outside city hall, and a room full of councilors that want him removed. He obviously recognized the importance of his appearance by wearing his personalized Argos jersey to work. With cowboy boots. I’d love to know what he thought this morning when he put that jersey on. Maybe, “this will help the people of Toronto relate to me.”

The Argos were less than pleased. I’m sure this isn’t something that anyone in the organization thought that they would have to address the Mayor of Toronto and his media scrum on P*ssy. However, this is Toronto where the Mayor does what he wants. The Argos sent out an official statement condemning his language:

“These latest remarks, while wearing our team’s jersey, are particularly disappointing given our organization’s work in the community to help youth deal with issues of bullying prevention. We hope for the benefit of the wonderful citizens of Toronto and this great city that this situation is resolved expeditiously.”

Oh, and don’t worry. The Mayor had a second conversation with the media in which he apologized for his language, and, wait for it- he was wearing a football tie.


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