Rio Olympics: The Final Russian Athlete Count

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The final count of Russians that have been barred from competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio has been reached. On July 24th, the IOC decided to not ban all Russian athletes but did tell the individual sporting associations to take a closer look at the Russians competing in each sport. The Russians were under scrutiny for the state sponsored doping program that was revealed a few weeks back.

First, the track and field team was banned (all except a long jumper who trains in the US). Then 22 members of the rowing team was sent home. 7 swimmers, divers and water polo players gone. 23 athletes in canoeing were banned. Now, 8 weightlifters were also sent home. That brings the total up to 110 Russian athletes banned from competing in the Olympics this summer.

Meanwhile, the IOC president spoke today as a follow up to the initial ruling to not ban all Russian athletes.
“This blanket ban of the Russian Olympic Committee has been called by some the ‘nuclear option,’ and the innocent athletes would have to be considered as ‘collateral damage,’” he said. “Leaving aside that such a comparison is completely out of any proportion when it comes to the rules of sport, let us just for a moment consider the consequences of a ‘nuclear option.’ The result is death and devastation. This is not what the Olympic Movement stands for.”
Athletes were given the ability to be tested as individuals.
The 110 athletes that have so far been banned show how widespread the state sponsored program was.
Do you think Russia should have been given a blanket ban?
Or do you think the IOC made the right call?

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