RG3 Cleans Out Locker

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Today RG3 cleaned out his locker today and effectively ended his career with the Washington Redskins. He will be cut in the coming days and he wasted no time in getting out of Washington. I mean, they won’t want to pay him the $16.2 million he’s owed next season. After the Redskins final game he ran around the field once and stayed behind to sign things and say goodbye to teammates. RG3 refused to speak to media and released no statement on his exit.


The only thing he left behind in his locker were two quotes.


The longer note is actually from Mother Teresa- ‘I knew it!’- said no one ever. The shorter one is Philippians 3:13.

We could take these quotes in a few different ways.

When considering his history speaking to the press this note looks in line with his cadence. RG3 was a man who said “i” and “me” a lot when speaking about the Redskins. He wasn’t a team player the way that football wants you to be. This could be another moment when RG3 was speaking only of his own mindset. He will move on, he will succeed elsewhere with another team in the NFL.

Or this note could be a passive aggressive eff you to the Washington organization. Say what you will about coaching decisions effecting his future and health, but you must admit that RG3 was not embraced in Washington. Despite his silence this season perhaps he needed to get some built up aggression out..


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