Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas charged with impaired driving

Raptors’ Jonas Valanciunas Improves Wasaga Beach Tourism with a DUI

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Raptors’ Jonas Valanciunas gets a DUI in Wasaga Beach.

Well nobody saw that coming.

Jonas Valanciunas, the Raptors young star, was arrested around 2:30am Monday morning for impaired driving.
He was booked as exceeding 80 Mgs in Wasaga beach. The OPP report said that he went through a drive thru and was spotted with open bottles of beer. The police tracked him back to wherever he was headed and arrested him. It’s unclear who was with him or what the hell he was doing in Wasaga beach in April. It’s fucking cold up there and I’m fairly certain there isn’t a thing to do. Not to mention the fact that a DUI in the NBA is a serious matter. He will undoubtedly be suspended for a couple of games. His court date in Collingwood is April 22nd-so these will be playoff games he misses.

The whole drama doesn’t make me question him. He’s young and he’s never screwed up before.
His statement makes me think that he will immediately shape up.
What I really question is, Wasaga Beach? Really?

In the spirit of “you gotta laugh” here’s the top 5 things he might have been doing in Wasaga Beach in April.

1. Snow Shoeing
Sunset Snowshoe Hikes at Scenic Caves Nordic Centre
Maybe he was taking a day off training to do some fun cardio?
or he missed the snow? Sunset snowshoe could be romantic. Maybe there’s such a thing as a snowshoe bunny in Wasaga Beach and he was hoping to hook up?

2. His Tinder Settings Were Accidentally Set to 131 Km+ in Distance

Alright, he probably doesn’t have Tinder.
But after the amount of celebrities caught DM-ing on Twitter anything is possible.
Like James Franco-really?

3. He was Longing for that Gorgeous Weather


Ahhhh A high of 10 and a low of -5! You can’t experience that shit just anywhere!
And then a beach! I need to get out there and work on my tan.

4. He’s Got a Thing For Piping Plovers

Sounds dirty doesn’t it.
How does Jonas stay so calm? Bird watching. Plover watching.
Yes. That’s a Plover.

5. The Fine People of Wasaga Tourist Board Offered to Sponsor Him


National headlines in April are just the beginning…



Photo Credit: Sportssyder

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