The Rams have the Number One Draft Pick

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You know you’re addicted to the NFL when you are already excited about the draft and its two weeks away. Today, the Titans gave up their first round pick to the Rams. The Rams traded their first rounder (15th), as well as two second-rounders (43rd and 45th overall) and a third-round selection (76th). Additionally, they get a few in 2017.
No team has ever come from so far back (15th) to acquire the top pick (Fun fact!).
The move gives the Titans 6 out of the top 76 picks in the draft.
Apparently there were several teams that offered trades for the coveted number one pick, but the Rams had the best offer. This comes as no surprise as they badly need a new quarterback. Almost as bad as number 2, the Browns, do. Its being rumoured that the Rams will use that first pick to take quarterback Carson Wentz. The Rams have said they haven’t decided- but we know that they have. The Browns will most likely take Jared Goff.
Meanwhile, the Titans will take advantage of what they call a ‘deep draft’ to rebuild their team. They certainly need it.

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