Al-Wakrah stadium


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Here is a somewhat timely, if somewhat offensive, joke:

Q: What is the difference between Qatar 2022’s Al-Wakrah World Cup stadium and Rob Ford’s love life?

A: Qatar can’t eat plenty of theirs at home.


Oh Qatar 2022, what are we going to do with you?

Christ, you don’t even happen for another 9 years and already we have heard embarrassing stories about how you might have to move the World Cup to the winter and how the working conditions at your venues are more deplorable than your teams chance of winning the gd thing…

Which is saying a shit tonne.

Because, lets face it, Qatar has as much chance of winning in 2022 as they have of ever legitimately qualifying for another World Cup.

Now this?

You go and build a stadium that has been described, and I want to quote Holly Baxter from the here, “with its shiny, pinkish tinge, its labia-like side appendages and its large opening in the middle, the supposedly innocent building (“based upon the design of a traditional Qatari dhow boat”) was just asking for trouble.”

I mean come on, would you just look at it again!?!??!

Al-Wakrah stadium

Do you guys have a literal oversight committee whose sole purpose it is to make sure that no one thinks anything regarding this tournament through???

Or are you going to tell us that the same guy who forgot to add in the slide about Qatar’s summer weather conditions, also forgot to include the picture of this stadium into the submission proposal???

Seriously Qatar 2022, never change.

Because, even if it was not the original plan, there might be some real good that comes out of this yonic symbol (yes, I had to look it up).

For instance, if this stadium can start a discussion about women’s sports and the necessity to increase investments, salaries, and coverage that would be fantastic.

Even better, and more importantly, if this stadium can be the catalyst towards the discussion of women’s rights in general and what should be an overwhelming demand to improve them – specifically in the Middle East, where women’s rights are more appalling than they really are anything else- the stadium will be an undeniable success!

Oh and one more thing…

If during the opening ceremonies you could fire thousands of parachutists out of a rocket and have them sail in through the stadium’s opening that would really ‘nail it’!

And yes, I know it would be ‘hard’ to do, but if you put your ‘heads’ together, I’m sure you could find a way to ‘do it’, so that it looks artistic when they all ‘come’ into the ‘hole’… no poon intended…




Andy Mac

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