Preview: Everything You Need to Know About Super Bowl XLVIII

Preview: Everything You Need to Know About Super Bowl XLVIII

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This Super Bowl is a match up of offense versus defense, as Denver has the No. 1 offense and Seattle the No. 1 defense. This is only the fifth time that this has happened with No. 1 ranked teams. However, this is the first time that the top offense in yards plus points has faced a defense in yards and points allowed in a Super Bowl. Aka it’s going to be a wicked Super Bowl.

Now, here is your preview for Super Bowl XLVIII:

The Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning the MVP of the season and the leader of the Broncos is the best damn quaterback. He threw a record 55 touchdown passes this season in parallel with a league high 606 points. The Broncos also set a record having thrown 10 or more touchdowns to four receivers.

In the post season the Broncos took a stroll through their game against the San Diego Chargers.  They also moved past the Patriots fairly easily- for the Patriots.

The Broncos success will depend on whether Peyton can find success behind Seattle’s secondary.

The Broncos secondary took a major hit in the victory over San Diego, when cornerback Chris Harris Jr. tore his ACL and was lost for the season. Not to mention that the Broncos are the 22nd ranked defense that has allowed 7.9 more points per game than the 49ers. Terrence Pot Roast Knighton will be huge- I will discuss his more role in the match-ups to watch.

It’s also worth noting that Knowshon Moreno has sore ribs- we’ve been told he will play. Ball is good but his pass protection is a little weak and that could come back to haunt the Broncos if Moreno has to leave the game.

The key for the Broncos winning is to find success behind the Seahawks secondary. Peyton has to produce enough points to keep the Seahawks at bay in the second half.  If anyone can spot a weakness in a team’s defense its Peyton. That and the need to force the ball into Wilson’s and out of Lynch’s.

Seattle Seahawks

First off, Seattle’s offense doesn’t have the Bronco’s numbers. However, they also had a tougher regular season schedule. And while they may not have a quarterback like Peyton they have Marshawn Lynch. Lynch has accounted for 29% of the points the team has racked up. Not that Wilson is garbage. This will be his 5th post season game and he has the poise of a veteran. Wilson also has the return of Percy Harvin to look forward to.

Percy Harvin, was the number one pick who has been injury plagued will return. He should have a big day. He is healthy and he’s matched up with 35-year-old Champ Bailey (see: bad for the Broncos).

Additionally, the Seahawks defense is good against the screen game and that is one of the Bronco’s best tricks. They’re aggressive and will diminish how effective the screen game has been for the Broncos all season. Overall the Seahawks have allowed a league low of 14.4 points per game. The defense is also very aggressive and will be bumping Denver around quite a bit and most likely will be getting away with it.

The key for Seattle to win is to keep Peyton off the field as the Chargers did way back. That and pushing for turnovers, which they have proved to be very talented at this season.

The Weather

This had to be the most over hyped issue of the whole game. The narrative that Peyton is not as effective in cold weather has been talked to death. Of course it was predicted that it wouldn’t be too cold on this fine Sunday and alas, the weathermen were correct.  It no longer matters that Peyton is largely untested outside and is more of a dome boy- its balmy bitch!

The wind is also not a factor in this match up so it doesn’t matter if Peyton’s arm strength is shitty in high winds. I almost typed wings. I want a chicken wing.


John Fox vs Pete Carroll
Fox already has Super Bowl experience. He coached the Panthers in a SB.  Pete Carroll does not have this level of experience. He coached a match for a national title, but that doesn’t compare. Experience is on Fox’s side but aggression is on Carroll’s.

Lynch vs Terrence Pot Roast

This is will be THE BEST matchup. Terrence emerged as a star in the Pats game. He took away their running game and shredded their offense. He has a power running style that could be key to slowing the Seahawks. The Pats had suddenly became powerless when Knighton pushed blockers into the backfield, and their zone running game was never able to stretch and cut like Bill wanted it to. Instead Terrence managed to make it was split down the middle. If he is another x factor here for the Broncos he may be able to shut down Lynch- at least partially. Things may be dependent on whether Lynch can get to the line of scrimmage. Of course Lynch can weave with the best of them.
Not to mention that Pot Roast should get to Wilson. He proved he could be a serious threat to a QB when he sacked Tom Brady.


Listen, there’s more match ups to watch, but I’m hungry and I have to go host this party. If you’re in St Catharines come say hi at Johnny Roccos!


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