Peyton Manning’s Decision on 2015 Season is Not Done

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There were a lot of questions surrounding the return of Peyton Manning. He has now reached the ripe football age of 38. He had a lackluster end to the 2014 season that saw him looking confused while Luck’s Colts topped them. The Broncos have also undergone coaching changes with a new head coach and offensive coordinator. Yet, Peyton appears to be on the way back as he is training in New Orleans.. or is he?


It was reported that Peyton was home training in New Orleans with the intent to return to the NFL  in 2015.
Ian Rapoport from said that Peyton was training to see where he was physically. Mackie Shilstone a renowned strength and conditioning coach has also allegedly signed on to bring Peyton up to speed. Mackie is known for helping athletes stretch their careers out. General Manager John Elway was also reported as saying that he preferred to have Peyton Manning come back as the starting quarterback.


However, Manning is meeting with Elway and Bronco’s President Joe Ellis this week before announcing his final decision.


dun dun dun


Maybe I am reading too much into this- but this may mean Peyton isn’t a hundred percent.
With the new coaching changes Peyton may need some assurances. It’s known that he isn’t comfortable with change and a new HC and OC is more than a little change. Not to mention that these new coaches may want to change the offensive plan Peyton has been working with for the last 3 years. I cannot see him being comfortable with having to learn a new offensive system at this point in his career.


Or perhaps the Broncos want to save on that $19 mil coming Peyton’s way?

This is doubtful. While Peyton kicked the bucket in the post season he did take the team to a 12-4 record. Not to mention that he still puts up very impressive stats. Brock Osweiler may be the second coming, but I bet he’ on hold for a little while longer if Peyton gets his way.




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