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After the rain clouds passed in Denver last Thursday night Peyton Manning and the Broncos took us on an adventure that we’re likely to see on numerous occasions throughout the remainder of the year. A team that has been a Super Bowl favourite since the beginning of the Manning era cemented their spot as an elite team, pounding the Baltimore Ravens 49-27. The scary thing about Manning’s seven touchdown passes is that the Broncos coaching staff believe that this is just the beginning for 37-year-old pivot.

With an abundance of athletically gifted receivers and ball handlers John Elway has put together, the Broncos have emerged as a team with one of the most talented offenses in the entire NFL. The off-season acquisition of Wes Welker has given Manning a seemingly automatic reception. The deep threat is there with Demariyus Thomas, and now there is the wildcard so to speak in Julius Thomas who had his coming out party last night. All three receivers were responsible for a pair of Manning’s seven strikes and if the trend continues there’s no reason to believe this team doesn’t possess the capability of a 14-2 season… or better!

Let’s go back to Peyton Manning for a second though. How good is this guy do you ask? Well he’s similar to a fine whiskey in the sense that he’s gotten better with age. At 37 you would think that Manning would begin to hit his decline, but with his performance last Thursday it’s become apparent that Manning at 40 would probably be better than Mark Sanchez at any point in his career. Regardless of where you would rank Manning in your all time list of QB’s (3rd for me behind big bad Joe Montana and Tom Brady) last weeks impressive performance added another accolade to the long list of achievements Peyton has amassed over his career. Here’s a list of the QB’s that have tossed seven touchdowns in a single game;

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos 7 Sept. 5, 2013
Joe Kapp Minnesota Vikings 7 Sept. 28, 1969
Y.A. Tittle New York Giants 7 Oct. 28, 1962
George Blanda Houston Oilers 7 Nov. 19, 1961
Adrian Burk Philadelphia Eagles 7 Oct. 17, 1954
Sid Luckman Chicago Bears 7 Nov. 14, 1943

The most impressive fact to point out is that Peyton Manning became the first QB to toss seven in a game on the opening day of the season and the first to do so in 44 years! Talk about shaking the cobwebs out! The record books would suggest that Manning had his best game ever last night, however according to his trio of multi-faceted receivers, the best is yet to come. One thing is for certain; Manning’s is well on his way to carry his success in week one, to a fifth MVP title.


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