Minnesota Vikings vs. Denver Broncos

The Peyton Manning ‘Self Sack”

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If you watched the Broncos vs Steelers game on Sunday you may have noticed Peyton Manning’s ‘self sack.’ Basically, Peyton saw the rush coming and hit the ground rather than get hit by Steelers’ Will Allen. Peyton was untouched by a Steeler so he got back up again and threw the ball. Emmanuel Sanders was still running and his coverage, William Gay, was not. Sanders caught the ball and sprinted getting a 34 yard play for the Broncos.
Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin tried to challenge this play by arguing that the play was dead. However, the refs said the play was not reviewable.
After the game Peyton revealed that he had alerted Sanders to the fact that he may fall down, but get back up again.

“I was stepping up. When you fake that way and kind of get your head around, I felt that guy closing, so I stepped up and kind of leaned forward. My momentum kind of just took me down, I guess. I didn’t think that he had touched me. I told Emmanuel just to kind of be alert in case I fall down, get back up, to be uncovered.”

Basically, Pey-Pey is an old dog that has learned some new tricks. The kind of tricks that will preserve his old bones and help him win football games. I sort of like the self-sack.


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