Peyton Manning and HGH

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This weekend a report came out from Al Jazeera that claimed Peyton Manning and several other notable athletes used HGH.
The report got its sources from Charlie Sly, a former employee of the Guyer Institute, an anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis. The reported tapped conversations with Dr Guyer with a hidden camera. The report claims that Ashley Manning, Peyton’s wife, received a shipment of HGH to their home in Florida in 2011.

Oddly, this wasn’t the most explosive story of the weekend. While Human Growth Hormone was deemed an illegal substance by the NFL in 2011 people were more concerned with Belichick’s play calling. Whether Peyton used HGH in 2011 to recover from four neck surgeries slid down the bar on most viewed stories pretty quickly.

Sure, Charlie Sly, the unknowing informant, has come out against the report. He said that he made false allegations to get in with the undercover reporter to access his network of friends. But isn’t it odd that there hasn’t been a rallying cry to exonerate Peyton?

Peyton Manning has denied taking HGH.
The Colts have come out in full support of their former quarterback; claiming he never touched the stuff.
Even Tom Brady has said that Peyton is a good friend and wouldn’t touch HGH.
ESPN gave Peyton a forum to get out ahead of the report and rebuke the claims on their network.

Is it because no one cares if an aging quarterback may have taken a substance that may or may not work to heal his neck and return to the field years ago? Or is simply because HGH holds no shock value in a league that’s covered up concussions and hands out pain relieving medication like daily vitamins?

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