Peter Van Delft

Sugar Bowl Crop
When you aren’t obsessing over sports stats or your fantasy line up, you are:
Probably sleeping. But even then, I’m dreaming about my obsession over sports stats for my fantasy lineup. That, and being a media relations guy.


Favourite sport?
Basketball. I’d mention some of the other sports that I like, but then I’d feel like I was cheating on my first love.


Favourite sports moment?
From a bottomless well of memories, I choose: The Boston Celtics 2008 Championship – The Truth finally gets his ring! This is followed closely by: The 2002 NBA Playoff game where the Boston Celtics made history with “The Comeback” against the New Jersey Nets. I got to watch this game while standing in the back of Razoo’s Club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans with a bunch of Bostonians at my friend’s bachelor party…IN-SANE!!


Favourite athlete?
Real? Paul Pierce. Otherwise? Rod Tidwell.


Favourite teams?
The Boston Celtics, the Boston Celtics and…uhhmmm…oh, that’s right, the Boston Celtics. Torn allegiances between the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets. I like “Da Bears” a little, too.


Do you like long walks on the beach?
I like medium length walks, followed by short skipping, two hops, resting and then another medium length walk to bring it home.


Jordan or LeBron?
Larry Bird, actually. But, if I HAD to choose one of these two…Jordan, though he is NOT aging gracefully.


Gretzky or Orr or Crosby?
Old #4, Bobby Orr.


P.Manning or Brady?
Tom Brady. All. Day. Long.


Ruth or Mays?
I’ve got to go with The Say Hey Kid, but you gotta love The Babe’s “…After the club, it’s the after party/after the party, it’s the hotel lobby…” vibe.


You would sell your __ for Super bowl/World Cup/ Stanley Cup/ NBA Championship/ World Series.
For an NBA Championship, I would sell my appendix, gall bladder, wisdom teeth, tonsils and that mythological 90% of the brain that I’m supposedly not using. Best case scenario, people buy my useless body parts and in exchange, I get a Championship! Worst case? I won’t remember what I’ve done because most of my brain is gone.


Why are you a Model Sports Fan? (as in devoted/crazy ass sports fan)
I don’t know why I am, but I first realized that I was one when — as I was growing up — my parents would shut the windows and close the door to whatever room I was watching the game in. This pattern has continued into my current life with my girlfriend always closing the door on me during the game, just after the dog gets up and leaves. Seriously, though, I love sports because I really believe that they’re a great metaphor for life. We have to learn teamwork to accomplish a lot of our common goals and giving things your best effort often leads to positive outcomes. Plus, I get to scream like an idiot when I watch ‘em.

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