Olympics Countdown: 4 Days

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Well here we are, 4 days out from Rio and crisis still looms.
There are a number of items we could touch on today; the fire at the athletes residence, the media’s residence lacking pretty much every necessary thing, that Chinese hurdler who was robbed upon arrival – but let’s talk about the water.

The Associated Press released an in depth article this morning revealing just how bad the water situation is. Turns out the water is “filthy as ever” and still “teeming with dangerous viruses and bacteria.” After the initial readings last March, these new tests show that there are 248 million adenoviruses per liter at the major water sport sites. In California, an adenovirus reading in the thousands would cause concern. The AP reported that ingesting just three teaspoons of the water are “almost certain to be infected with viruses that can cause stomach and respiratory illnesses and more rarely heart and brain inflammation.”

Athletes have attempted to prepare for this by taking antibiotics in advance. However, that would treat an infection, and will not protect against contacting a virus. Those adenoviruses are at 90% of the water sport sites in Rio. The viruses are also at popular tourist beaches in both the water and the sand.

1400 sailors, rowers and open-water swimmers will be directly affected, while an expected 480,000 tourists will also come into contact with the water. Add in that the 5 recommended hospitals for incoming tourists have been reported to be too full. The state’s medical council says that current conditions “don’t allow for accommodation of new patients” and we’ve got a show ladies and gentlemen.

Things are going to be intense and possibly really, really gross.

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