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First, we laughed when Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup – it just didn’t seem to make much sense.

Then we laughed when FIFA realized that awarding Qatar the 2022 World Cup didn’t make much sense either–  finding out, after the fact, that Qatar is hot in the summer.

Then we laughed at some of the suggestions for getting around Qatar’s hot summers – like playing three periods  instead of two halves, or air conditioning the sky (OK so maybe this wasn’t a suggestion, but I would have believed it).

Then we laughed when FIFA President Sepp Blatter stated that the 2022 World Cup would most likely have to be moved from the summer to the winter – stay tuned for more info on this…

Finally, we laughed when Qatar build a stadium that looked like a vagina – self-explanatory.

My point here is that we have laughed at Qatar a lot. Like, a lotttttt. But, new reports out of the 2022 host nation are not so funny.

British newspaper, The Guardian, reports that since 2012, over 500 migrant workers from India have died during the construction of the infrastructure that is needed to get the tiny Middle Eastern country ready for hosting the world in 2022. And, since 2010, when Qatar was awarded the tournament, there have been over 700 Indian deaths.

These numbers are jaw-dropping. But these are not the only numbers.

Over the last two years, just under 400 Nepalese workers have also been killed.

That’s 1100 dead workers.

And, considering that Indian and Nepalese workers make up 38% percent of the migrant workforce there are some scary assumptions that can be made about the numbers that we are not hearing about.

In fact, The International Trade Union Confederation has issued a warning estimating that, if conditions aren’t improved, as many as 4000 workers could die before the opening touch of the tournament.

So in light of all this, what is FIFA doing to make sure conditions change?


FIFA, says that there is little it can do.

FIFA is lying.

If FIFA can change the World Cup from the summer to the winter, surely they can change the location to a country that already has the necessary infrastructure, and isn’t willing to treat thousands of workers as collateral damage.

But FIFA is hiding behind the excuse that they are just a soccer organization and not a law maker. This, I admit is true. They don’t make laws. All they had to do in this situation, was pick a suitable country to host a soccer tournament.

I just hope that whoever was involved in the selection committee has been given a nice big severance package… because after all the laughs, and now all the death, it seems like those involved kind of, maybe, just a little, didn’t do the best job – at the only job they had to do – this time around…



-Andy Mac

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