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Odell Beckham Jr. Suspended One Game

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Yesterday was a clusterfuck of games in the NFL. There was really only one game that stood out. The New York Giants vs the Carolina Panthers was THE game to watch. There was a lot of hype leading in and the players brought it. No one brought it quite like Panther’s Josh Norman and the Giants Odell Beckham Jr though.
Apparently the whole thing started off with the Panthers bringing some baseball bats onto the field during pregame. They wandered around and swung them sort of threatening like. Norman swung his at Beckham and told him he’d end his day- apparently.
Then the 5th play of the game we see the physical side of things start up between the two of them. Beckham throws his hands up and Normal grabbed him and body slammed him to the ground. The next play Beckham threw a shoulder and on, and on it went.
At halftime Beckham apparently apologized to his teammates.
Not that it meant much because in the third quarter he slammed his helmet into the side of Norman’s helmet. Not cool bro, you know the NFL is all sensitive about concussions now. Beckham, somehow, wasn’t removed from the game by the officials or Tom Coughlin. Coughlin has said several things that sound like “I wanted to win” “I didn’t see his behaviour” and “Its good for him to stay in there and learn to deal.” The refs have said nothing but I am sure that someone was whispering into their ears “this is good for ratings-do nothing.”
Now, Odell has been suspended for a single game. Its a pretty big game if you believe in miracles. The Giants needs to beat the Vikings Sunday AND have the Redskins lose two in a row. Odell is appealing the suspension and maybe that will work considering Suh won his appeal and played post Rogers step on.
The worst part about this whole thing isn’t that a 23-year-old star receiver lost his cool, its that Norman was tagged as well. He was just as chippy, underhanded and idiotic. When two little boys get in a fight on the playground they both get detention. So where’s Norman’s slap on the wrist?


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