NFL Week 6: Woes of the Quarterback

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Being an quarterback in the NFL is a big effin deal. It’s a job that has it’s ups and downs and is easily lost. Just look to Tom Brady post Week 4- no one is untouchable. The three quarterbacks we are taking a look at this week are all in a position of decline for one reason or another. RG3 needs a new ankle,  Jake Locker needs a new thumb and Geno Smith needs a new lease on life in the NFL. Who’s got it worse?


1. RG3: Not So Fast
RG3 has been sidelined with a dislocated ankle from Week 2. This past Monday he was spotted jogging around before the Redskins faced the Seahawks. Despite this activity the guy ain’t ready. Jay Gruden said that RG3 needs to be putting a workout in on a treadmill before they consider putting him back on the field. Add in the fact that Kirk is doing just fine with the ‘Skins there may not be a rush. On Monday Cousins threw for 238 yards and two touchdowns. Not to mention that when he stepped in for RG3 he passed for 427 yards and three touchdowns. The first time a Skins QB has passed for over 400 yards since McNabb in 2010-by the way. Many analysts are speculating that it was Jay Gruden’s preference to have Cousins in along. He certainly fits in well with Gruden’s offensive plan. RG3 may be waiting a lot longer than a few weeks.

Jake Locker and his Thumb
Locker is also eying a return to the NFL tout suite. The Titans quarterback has already missed a total of 15 games since 2012 due to injury so you can see why he’s feeling anxious. The Titans are also up against the Jags this week, which makes a push for Week 6 action even more desirable. It looks like Locker will practice Thursday. Only his thumb is a worry now as his right wrist appears to be a non-issue. On a side note: the Browns’ Kirksey was fined just over $8000 for his forearm to Locker’s head.

The Geno Coaster is in Full Stop
The drama that is the New York Jets continues. After the trashing that the Jets took last Sunday there’s been a lot of talk. The first rumor is that Rex Ryan will be fired. This is probably true. The second is that Geno Smith is not the right man for the job. Other than that truly horrible game he played, he also missed the Saturday team meeting. He was apparently confused on when the meeting was and missed it for a meeting. That kind of shit never sits well with a team. Especially when that confusion is coming from your QB. Not like he has an important role or anything..Luckily for Geno, Vick was just as crap on Sunday. Geno does have two semi-strong outings under his belt from their games against the Bears and Raiders, but they’re on equal weight with his bad. It is what it is for the Jets and Geno will start Week 6 against the Broncos. Everyone in first row seating we advise wearing a poncho. For the blood. Cause this shit is going to be a massacre.
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