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NFL Week 14: The Smaller Stories

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Every week I write a blog post about the week of football for BDB, so when it comes to writing something for MSF, I come up empty handed. After writing this week’s 3rd and 10 post, I still had more stories to tell, and that inspired this piece. So here we are; the smaller stories of Week 14, you know, outside of: Gronk, Peterson, Cinderella story, Antonio Brown’s foot.
1. Peyton Manning is Still Helping the Colts Win
The Colts are in meltdown mode. They have absolutely no ground game. This week, Andrew Luck had more rushing yards than both Donald Brown and Trent Richardson put together. The Bengals man handled the Colts, yet Peyton still came through, and his Broncos beat the Titans.
Because the Broncos beat the Titans, the Colts clinched their division.
2. Speaking of the Bengals
Dalton was, well, good. He made some impressive throws and didn’t fall victim to the usual shit he does to ruin himself. The Bengals lead the AFC North and showed why yesterday. The Ravens are on their heels in second place and squeaked out a win Sunday. However, looking at the teams side by side, it becomes clear that the Bengals are superior-which is just fucking weird to type.
3. Scwartz Might Be in the Hot Seat
Jim Schwartz
The Philly/Lions game was incredible. 8 inches of snow and LeSean McCoy having a hell of a game. The Lions D was rough in every way. They were no match for the Eagles offense, despite being credited with Nick Foles first interception. The Lions offensive was perhaps even worse. They had a grand total of 7 fumbles. Reggie Bush was absent, as he pulled a calf before the game, and Matt Stafford gained the name FumbleFace. Despite the Lions being at the top of the NFC North, Coach Schwartz could be in trouble. He has a 29-49 record with them over 5 years. They are in first place, but they looked weak. That and look who’s challenging them. Nobody. The Packers are packed up, the Bears are leaderless, and the Vikes are the Vikes. If they can’t win with these conditions how will they ever win?
4.Panthers got Shut Down
With the Panthers becoming the team that people have started to utter beside the words “Super Bowl,” they really had something to prove Sunday. Unfortunately for the Panthers, Drew Brees and Cam Jordan had a different plan. Brees threw 4 touchdowns, while Cam Newton was sacked 5 times. It turns out that New Orleans can still deliver a beat down in their own house. The Panthers 8 games of greatness was shut down, and they now must win 2 of their 3 last games to make a run for a wildcard spot. The Panthers need to bounce back New Orleans style against the Jets next week.
5. The Broncos Became the First Team to Have 4 Players With at Least 10 TDs.
In other news, Peyton can play in cold weather.
6. Thaddeus Lewis is Better than EJ Manuel
The Bills were supposed to be better this season. They had a young star at the helm. There was progress (remember that Ravens beat down!?), but the team has regressed this past month. With the return of E.J. Manuel, this wasn’t supposed to happen. On Sunday Manuel had his worst outing ever. He threw 4 interceptions in the 27-6 loss to THE BUCS…ugh. Manuel is 0-5 in games outside of Buffalo. The odd thing is that Thaddeus Lewis, that undrafted QB, looked more sure of himself in the Bills pocket than Manuel. Also, Thaddeus is a wicked name. 

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